Leadership Team

Alison MacDonald - Head of the school (Pechersk campus) 

Alison hails from a small town in the North-East of Scotland, named Elgin. She attended the University of Aberdeen where she obtained a Masters Degree in English and English Literature before moving to Manchester, where she completed her teacher training. Alison has been teaching for a number of years within a secondary school environment and brings with her a wealth of management experience, gleamed from teaching both in the UK and abroad. 

Alison has also had the privilege of not only training newly qualified teachers but also being instrumental in setting up a new secondary school in Spain. 

Alison has a passion for travel, history and literature of any kind. Alison looks forward to enhancing her travelling experiences by exploring Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Alison lives in Kiev with her husband and states that her proudest achievement is her son, Philip, who is 21 years of age.

You can contact Elison at: a.macdonald@britishschool.com.ua

Chris Johnson - Deputy Head Primary (Pastoral) programme


Chris comes from North America where he has been teaching elementary students for over twenty years. He is from a small town in Virginia but has lived the past nine years in the greater Washington, DC area. He holds a degree in teaching from Old Dominion University and has done graduate work in School Administration. Chris has an interest in teaching reading and writing to youngsters and enjoys seeing the growth that they make during the primary years. He has been fortunate enough to have taught in the majority of all primary grades and has a solid prospective on the natural progression of language acquisition and writing concepts for young children. 

Chris is looking forward to teaching youngsters in the primary grades and is excited to put his training in PYP to use in the upcoming school year as well as working collaboratively with his colleagues. 

Traveling outside the US is a new experience for Chris and he has enjoyed spending time in London and Barcelona for the past several months. He is an accomplished musician having spent the majority of his childhood studying piano and organ. In addition to teaching, he has worked in the sacred music setting as a choral director and organist. Recently he has shifted his time to creating a healthy body and lifestyle by working out and following sports such as soccer and rugby.

You can contact Chris at: c.johnson@britishsсhool.com.ua



Elena Tovkun - Head of Ukrainian programme

Elena is a Ukrainian citizen and comes from the beautiful city of Kyiv. After receiving her Honors diploma from the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University she took her first post teaching Russian as a foreign language in Hungary. Elena enjoyed this international experience very much. Upon her return to Ukraine, Elena started teaching at Kyiv National Economic University, where she shared her knowledge with students of various nationalities. Since the year 2000, Elena has been working in the British International School (BISU). In addition to her responsibilities as a teacher, Elena has taken up the position of Exams Officer, administrating Cambridge exams and ensuring that the Ukrainian graduates of BISU have equal opportunities with graduates of international schools all over the world. BISU is the only school in Ukraine to be accredited by CIE to conduct Cambridge examinations. 

Elena is married and has two daughters. Her older daughter has recently returned from her graduate study in Germany to work in Ukraine. Her youngest daughter one has just started university in Kyiv. 

You can contact Elena at: e.tovkun@britishsсhool.com.ua